What is DISCLOSURE-CON you ask? Well DISCLOSURE-CON was the Crazy Idea that spawned out of Doc Skinner's imagination. He thought, "What if you took a UFO/Conspiracy/whistle-blower convention and had it land smack in the middle of a Comic Con in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona a well known UFO Hot Spot, Big Foot Sightings and Tribal Legends, you would then have DISCLOSURE-CON. Sci-Fi and Sci-Reality colliding under 1 roof.
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What to Expect at ?DISCLOSURE-CON
There will be Vendors, Artists, Inventors, Show Celebs, Researchers, Meet & Greets (Autographs/Photos), There will be talking panels, World Premiers, Movie Production Companies, Photo Booth to take amazing pics of you in your Cosplay costumes. Radio and Web shows Filming and Broadcasting from event. Cosplay Costume Contest with an Award. So get your costumes ready! VIP PARTY for VIP Pass holders Saturday & Sunday Night with Special Guests. And so much more to be announced. You don't want to miss this EPIC EVENT!
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1028 PRODUCTIONS is doing it's best to keep the cost down this year to save everyone money so everyone can come and enjoy this event.
Most Comic-Cons charge a hefty although worth it fee. But 1028 PRODUCTIONS wants to make sure everyone can attend. On the 1st of August, The Ticket & VIP Prices will go up, So be sure to get your tickets EARLY! Go Here for Tickets and VIP Passes.

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