UFO World Congress 2021 - The World Congress of Ufology


UFO World Congress 2021 - The World Congress of Ufology

The World Congress of Ufology brings together internationally renowned researchers, ufologists, scientists, visionaries and lecturers from around the world, in both English and Spanish, presenting innovative information in the field of ufology.
A three-day congress located in Barcelona, ??a city with a great legacy
Cultural, artistic and spiritual.

The Congress will be lived by a single unified conscience.

All those attending the congress who require translation will receive trained persons, during the duration of the congress.


• The central message we want to convey is love, the awakening of consciousness and sacred knowledge for all humanity, with a spiritual focus.

• We want to carry the mission of presenting our Starseeds to all of you at the congress, this will always be our priority.

• Amplify our knowledge of the universe and the beings that inhabit it.