Fact check: Supposed UFO video is computer-generated imagery

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Fact check: Supposed UFO video is computer-generated imagery

The video shows a circular object flying alongside two fighter jets. There are also scenes – ostensibly captured while the camera person was running – showing just the ground. Sounds reminiscent of both jets and heavy breathing are audible. 

"UFO in flight in plain sight with government jets escorting," reads a label on the video in a July 24 Facebook post.

The video was shared more than 2,500 times in less than two weeks.

However, the UFO shown in the video is a computer-generated image. 

USA TODAY reached out to the Facebook user who shared the post for comment.

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UFO video 'for entertainment'

The video was posted to the Oondyla YouTube channel in 2011. The channel has four posted videos, all of which feature UFO-related content.

Oondyla's About page says the channel is for "entertainment purpose (sic) only" and says the UFOs are computer-generated imagery.