Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Those who changed the world


Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Those who changed the world

Written from the perspective of a UAP activist,this book is the first of a kind. No other book in history documents the extended civilian and insider activism efforts of those pushing the United States Government to take accountability for what we refer to in this series as ‘Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena’ (UAP). Historical civilian efforts have tried to push governments to acknowledge ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ (UFOs) for almost seventy-five years. Unfortunately, their biggest flaw was to associate the origin theory of ‘extra-terrestrials’ and the consequential stigmatisation surrounding little green (grey) men.

Never before has any meaningful government effort or civilian led initiative engaged NASA or Congress and reframed UFOs to pose a potential threat to national security. No other initiative has used appropriate strategy and UAP terminology to engage the world’s media. And most importantly, no effort has had access to direct footage and testimony. No one has succeeded, come close, or even tried to enact the conversation into one of a scientific question.

That is until now.
This is the story of how UFOs became a mainstream phenomena after decades of being considered a tabloid joke. The journey started with The New York Times and POLITICO disclosures of the Pentagon’s secret UAP program in December 2017 and documents the process of how the world realised radical anomalous technology existed. This book tells the detailed story of how two men - Luis Elizondo and Christopher Mellon - openly spearheaded the most audacious campaign in history and managed to take a once fringe conspiracy and place it within the halls of Congress, the think-tanks of the Department of Defense and also NASA.

This anomalous phenomena is here today, within our skies, and within our oceans, hiding on the edge of our collective consciousness. Their intentions are unknown. Whoever or whatever they are is simply unidentified or even 
unidentifiable. Possibly these classified geometrically shaped vehicles are alien, interdimensional, or something else entirely. Either way, with NASA at the helm we are now on the verge of fully engaging this age-old mystery which has haunted our planet since the early 1940s.

Additionally, the United States Congressional representatives have had seen the data, had UAP briefings, established a task force, released a report and created legislation which demands transparency of this radical technology.

Carl Sagan once famously said that, 
‘extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence’, but what if we now have the evidence, what if we have had that evidence the entire time? What if it was classified?

Arguably, this was the most momentous time in human history.
A time when we discovered we are not alone....and maybe never were.

Enjoy the book :)

- Adam Stephen Goldsack
MSc, BSc, Dip.