Historian seeks Tyneside UFO society descendants

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Historian seeks Tyneside UFO society descendants

A historian is trying to find descendants of a society that collected hundreds of UFO sighting reports on Tyneside.

Neil Storey found Tyneside UFO Society's (Tufos) archives while researching in Newcastle Library.

Mr Storey, a social historian who lectures internationally, said there were hundreds of eye witness accounts from between the 1950s and 1970s.

Mr Storey, who has written books on subjects including crime and World War Two spies, said he had an "open mind" about UFOs and was "not trying to prove or disprove anything".

He said there was a real surge in UFO sightings in the wake of World War Two when many RAF pilots and observers reported seeing unexplainable phenomena.

"There are things in the sky that we cannot explain," Mr Storey said, adding: "The quest for what they are continues."

He said experts had analysed some of the pictures in the Tufos archives and while some could be explained, for example someone had thrown an object into the air to be photographed or there was an eerie-looking lenticular cloud, others could not.