A U.F.O. Podcast Zooms Past the Competition

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A U.F.O. Podcast Zooms Past the Competition

The biggest flex in “High Strange,” Donald Albright and Payne Lindsey’s hit podcast about U.F.O.s and supposed alien encounters, comes during the end credits. A person is describing stumbling upon a flying saucer in the woods or chasing a glowing red orb past a farm when the music fades in — an eerie trickle of high-pitched percussion, the slow march of minor piano, the spectral voice of the rapper Gunna floating in at a half whisper.

“Bought a spaceship now I’m a space cadet/Big white mansion is my habitat.”

They don’t play this on “Unsolved Mysteries.”

The credits song, “Space Cadet,” from an album by the producer Metro Boomin, doubles as a neon billboard for Tenderfoot TV, the podcast and multimedia company founded by Lindsey and Albright in 2016. It’s both flashy — clearing the copyrights took around nine months and $50,000 — and purposeful, speaking in the idiom of the youthful, culturally omnivorous listeners around which Tenderfoot hopes to build a new-media powerhouse.