Seeing a UFO in Glasgow inspired my Eurovision song

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Seeing a UFO in Glasgow inspired my Eurovision song

Many of Eurovision's performances have been described as out of this world.

And last year's near-win by Sam Ryder, who sang Space Man, brought the 2023 final to Liverpool.

But Scots singer-songwriter Rikki Peebles was on the trend decades before.

He represented the UK in 1987 with a song inspired by his sighting of a UFO in his home city of Glasgow.

"All my adult life I have had an affinity with all things UFO, not of this world," Peebles said.

"It was about 1984 and I was in my car driving on the new M8 motorway. I sat at a junction after coming off .

"I looked up and I saw this massive light in the sky but it moved from my left, right across my vision to the right and then slowly disappeared.

"I thought I had to report this to authorities. I did and the next day the same thing had been seen over parts of Wales. I knew it wasn't just me. This was something not of this earth."