Stories of UFO encounters on display in new book

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Stories of UFO encounters on display in new book

Prepare to have your beliefs about the unknown challenged as Ryan Sprague’s second book, “Stories From Somewhere In The Skies,” (Beyond The Fray Publishing) uncovers more accounts of UFO sightings.

A native New Yorker who now lives in Scotland, Sprague transcribes audio submissions from his top-rated podcast, “Somewhere in the Skies,” where listeners submitted their stories.

“It is in their own words without any interruptions or interjections by me,” notes Sprague, who is also a regular contributor to History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” and CW’s “Mysteries Decoded.”

Sprague, who has been a UFO researcher for 25 years after having his own sighting as a young teen, stitches together a fascinating collection of accounts of UFO sightings and experiences that span continents.

“From a bubbling black blob that ascends into the air in Scotland to a humanoid figure engulfed in flames hovering in the middle of a military installation in the Outback of Australia, we are not dealing with just a singular mystery here,” Sprague says of something he’s come to realize with this new book.