Trinity: A Novel


Trinity: A Novel

A thrilling new novel by the creators of Sekret Machines who, with the help of a team of government insiders, exposed the secret pentagon UFO program that captured America's attention and led to the first public congressional hearings about unidentified flying objects.

Van Lopez has memories, or dreams--he's not sure what to call them--that he cannot explain or forget.

In his small town of Trinity, Nevada, home to what the locals refer to as "the base," there is no shortage of conspiracy theories and paranoid ramblings of townsfolk who swear they've seen something strange, otherworldly. Van at first scoffs at the rumors, but then he sees strange lights and knows in his gut that he is being watched. He can't shake the sense of foreboding.

You shouldn't be here . . .

It's 1962, a time of optimism and discovery, but also of fear. Technological advances are blossoming, but so is the nuclear age and the insane arms race between the US and the Soviet Union. As Trinity townsfolk await a nuclear test at the base, Van struggles to make sense of his world, his dysfunctional family, and his first stirrings of romantic love.

The nuclear blast brings down something over Trinity that wasn't supposed to be there: something not of this world. Now Van is running for his life, pursued by a murderous Soviet agent as well as government forces bent on keeping all he has seen--and all he has remembered--from getting out. He has to fight for the things he cares most about, and in that final battle he may have to make allies of his oldest enemies. What exactly is the government doing there? And how much are they concealing from the people of Trinity?

AJ Hartley's thrilling novel (from the imagination of Tom Delonge) ignites our deepest fears and our collective unease.