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"Zero Doubt" Non-Human Intelligence Has Visited Earth - Col. Karl Nell | SALT iConnections New York

Alex Klokus interviewed Colonel Karl Nell at SALT iConnections New York where Knell discussed evidence of non-human intelligence on earth. He detailed the U.S. government's level of knowledge and its disclosure process. Knell says there's zero doubt non-human intelligent life has visited earth and dives deep on what exactly that means for humans. Colonel Karl E. Nell is an Aerospace Executive, Senior Military Officer & Corporate Strategist.An Ivy League graduate, certified-PMP®, published author, War College alumni, and fully Joint-qualified commissioned officer in the Army Reserve, Karl has been honored to command at every grade level through colonel including activation of the Army’s newest expeditionary military intelligence brigade supporting XVIII Airborne Corps and JSOC. Recorded May 21, 2024. SALT iConnections New York returns to Manhattan's west side for two days of thoughtful panel discussions with leading figures across finance, technology and public policy. Through the iConnections platform, the event also brings together over 2,000 asset allocators, asset managers and entrepreneurs for curated capital introductions. The event takes place May 20-21, 2024 at the The Glasshouse in New York City. SALT is a global thought leadership and networking forum encompassing finance, technology, and public policy.